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Where Experience Meets Innovation, AMF is a Trusted Partner in the Marine Sector

Reliable Mooring and Berthing Systems Inventive Floating Solutions and Structures All of your requirements for navigational aids and much more...

Premium Quality Products

We offer top-tier, durable, and efficient marine equipment that meets the highest industry standards through testing.

Unmatched Expertise

Our team of maritime experts provides technical expertise and practical experience to choose the best equipment for your needs.

Professional Engineer

We provide tailored marine design solutions that meet your project requirement.

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Empowering Marine Construction Project's Needs with High Reliability Products

Through constant innovation and continuous enhancements, AMF is developing into a Complete Marine Solutions Provider (CSP), with most of your products required for Marine Berthing and Mooring Operations under one umbrella

Our Solutions

AMF offers customized Marine Berthing and Floating Systems solutions.

AMF’s range of marine solutions carter to Ports & Harbors, Oil & Gas operations, Offshore Operators, Vessel Owners, Shipyards, Ship chandlers, Marine Traders, Marine Contractors & Consultants and many more.

We’ve more then 250+ customer satisfied with our services

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