Berthing Energy Calculation Tool

Calculating the berthing energy of vessels is the first and most important step in the fender design process. If something goes wrong here, your entire waterfront design could be at risk.

As part of the many services we offer our clients, our new tool supports you during the berthing energy calculation process.

Our tool considers all relevant parameters such as ship type, berthing mode or point of contact from bow, amongst others, and also offers the option to choose among different design methods, addressing the particulars of your project and or region.

We would like to highlight that the results should be seen as a guideline only. We highly recommend to share your design approach with an experienced manufacturer to make sure that e.g. the substructure is sized correctly for the fenders needed.

The subsequent step of choosing the suitable fender type and size should only be done together with an experienced fender manufacturer. The list of suitable fender units based on the calculated energy is long, but typically there are only a few types and combinations that would work properly for your specific project.

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